Saturday, January 14, 2012

Spain, round II

Plaza del Torico, December 2011

I've spent the last three weeks living it up in old Cantuck' and have since returned to Teruel. I've had quite the battle with jet lag again but I think it's safe to say I'm more or less back on Spanish time at this point. I was able to spend a little quality time with family and friends and especially Beth Anne during my short stay in Kentucky. I'm not entirely satisfied with the amount of time I got with them but it will have to do for now.

Nothing has changed here in Teruel and there is, disappointingly, still a severe lack of snow or extreme cold. You can't promise someone snow and not deliver. I know Teruel was the site of some of the coldest and harshest winters in Spain because I've researched it. The battle here during the Civil War saw more soldiers die from the cold than bullets. What gives?

I'm set to give a presentation on the 24th of this month in the city center. It's about my perspective of the Spanish Civil War as an American guy who likes to study history (or something like that). I'm still trying to figure out what all I'm going to say but I think it will be an interesting experience, if only for me. This will be an excellent opportunity to chat with some of the local civil war enthusiasts and figure out how much more I don't know about the topic. And, let's not forget, I get paid.

So that's that. I'm alive and more or less intact and back in Spain. I'm going to start looking at weekend trips to different places around Spain in the coming weeks, so I imagine I'll have more pictures and stories then.

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