Sunday, November 13, 2011

This week in Teruel

I'm currently without internet on my computer until I find a service worth paying for next week. So I'm going to try typing this on a phone. I'm not sure if that would be impressive or just sad.
Last Saturday I went with my roommate and his lady friend to a bar called "Route 66". It was aptly named for its excessive display of Harley Davidson memorabilia and several maps of the road in case you got too drink to figure out where you were pretending to be. It amuses me that this bar is considered exotic here, but it really is. I got to play pool there, where I performed better than expected (my expectations were incredibly low).
On Sunday I went with Marta to Mora de Rubiellos and Rubiellos de Mora, two villages not too far off from Teruel. I'll never figure out which town was which, nor am I pleased with whoever decided their names. Maybe they were founded simultaneously, each unconscious of the other, but even then they should have battled for the name or something once they discovered each other. Regardless, I got to see a castle and a beautiful village with medieval relics. The weather was quite possibly the worst I've experienced thus far in Spain but there was a castle, so I'm not complaining.
This week I started private lessons with two girls, thirteen and fourteen years old, who are easily better at English than half of the students in the language school where I work. They're not old enough to have lessons there but their dad is rich enough to get me to teach them once a week. I think it would be easy for a native English speaker to make a living just giving conversation lessons in private here. English is growing fast here and people are crazy about having their kids learn it. I'm okay with it.
At the language school I've been having the advanced students debate about current events in the US. They are not happy about being forced to take a side they don't support but it ends up being great for their conversation and I think for their mind in general. I get to teach English and mini-philosophy classes at the same time. I've had plenty of practice with my delinquent friends, I suppose.
Friday I went out with my roommate and his lady friend to a bar for dinner. I tried lamb and pig ear. The former was delicious. The latter was wE just really salty, greasy pig fat with a crispy crust. I didn't like it as much.
Yesterday I spent the morning wandering around town, window shopping and enjoying the weather. I ended up buying some delicious desserts filled with chocolate cream and then taking a stroll through the park. I spent the afternoon watching The Pianist and Agora. Both were excellent films. I ate with David and Pilar again, at night, outside a tapas bar. There was an outdoor heater setup that made it quite comfortable. I didn't eat anything exotic, though it was all tasty as usual. I finished the night by trying to read a book about anarchism in Spanish. I think I actually spent more time reading the dictionary but I think I understood the first couple of pages. To be fair, the majority of the first page was an embellished quote from some dead anarchist. I like that kind of thing in English but it's so difficult in Spanish.
Hopefully I will have internet soon because typing this took entirely too long on a phone...hopefully the formatting and pictures work out okay.

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